2017 Writing Resolutions

I know I’m a month late – this has been a work in progress for the last month that just kept getting pushed down my to-do list as I had to move back to school and the semester began. But I’m getting to it now, and in the spirit of getting stuff done this year, I’m celebrating the first day of February by finally sharing my writing resolutions for 2017.

1 – Post at least two blogs posts a month

I just made it for January with my welcome post and a little Monday / late flashback Friday action. But this is a goal that I want to hold myself to to keep my website as current and relevant as possible. I’ve been an Odyssey creator before, writing an article a week, and that seemed like a bit much on top of two other (paying) jobs and a full course load. This is a goal that I know is more realistic, and the wording – at least – gives me room to surpass it if I’m feeling especially inspired.

2 – Publish at least two pieces

I’m happy to say that I have two submissions already sent out! I’m keeping the details to myself until I hear back. I’m just super excited right now that I have multiple pieces I feel confident enough in to send out. Submitting felt overwhelming last year, but man do a few workshops make all the difference! That’s the part that I love about my school, Columbia; I have seen myself grow tremendously as a writer in my personal essays. Enough that I’m ready to share some, so fingers crossed.

3 – Read at least 10 books

This is crucial as a writer, and I know that, especially as a student, I have neglected reading unless it was for classes in the last year or so, at least during the semester. Winter and summer break are a great time to catch up, and summer is probably when the majority of my reading will happen. Just from winter break, I’ve got two books under my belt already for 2017. Because I never got around to reading it in high school, I read The Great Gatsby. Then, because I have an undying love for relevant, good YA fiction, I read Asking For It by Louise O’Neill – heartbreaking, but important. Eight books – hopefully great reads- to go.

4 – Keep this site and all social media as up-to-date as possible

I vow to set many reminders on my phone and spend at least two late nights going semi-blind starting at my laptop – if need be. But look at me right now, getting this ready at a decent hour, not going blind, but relaxed from my yoga class. I’ve got confidence in my ability to keep this site up to date, but I’m really going to have to focus on the social media stuff. I was struggling to share my first post from my new Facebook page earlier, so I’ve got some things to figure out about maintaining an entire page on my own. I’ll get there, and from there, to more sites, like my poor, bare Tumblr.

5 – Establish a routine!

This is so essential, to every writer, and I need to get serious about mine. I write a lot – but it’s pretty random depending on my time. To accomplish most, if not all, of my other resolutions, I need to prioritize what’s important and set aside time. This is a simple statement, a common bit of advice for those of us who struggle with time management, but it’s easier said than done. Regardless, it’s time to get it done.

Here’s to a great 2017, for writing and everything else.

Photo credit: blogs.constantcontact.com

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