About Me

Kristen Nichols is a Michigan native living in Chicago, where she’s an undergraduate student at Columbia College Chicago. There, she is a rising senior, majoring in Creative Nonfiction and minoring in Professional Writing. At Columbia, she is Lab Manager in the Creative Writing Department’s Publishing Lab, where she is also Editor-in-Chief of The Lab Review. She was formerly a founding Associate Editor for Punctuate. A Nonfiction Magazine, another department-run publication. When she’s not in the Pub Lab, she’s probably wandering between shelves of books in a library or along (one of) the shore(s) of Lake Michigan.

Kristen is an intuitive thinker working as an editor and essayist. In the Pub Lab, she works to edit and find publishing markets to fit her consultants’ work with the mission of helping as many peers get their feet in the door of the lit world as possible. In addition to helping her consultants, Kristen has headed marketing campaigns, event planning, and interviewing writing professionals for TLR. She has worked to evaluate submissions, edit, and put together six issues of TLR, taking charge as Editor-in-Chief of Vol. 6.

Kristen’s own writing relates impulsively honest experiences of adolescence, family, home, relationships, travel, and anything else that occurs to a twenty-year-old writing student attending art school. Keep an eye out for her reflective blog posts, essays, cultural criticism, fiction, poetry, and work that blurs the lines in between.