About Me

My name is Kristen Nichols, and I’m an undergraduate student at Columbia College Chicago, majoring in Creative Nonfiction and minoring in Professional Writing. At Columbia, I am Managing Editor and head Nonfiction Editor in the Creative Writing Department’s Publishing Lab. I am a former Associate Editor for Punctuate. A Nonfiction Magazine, another department-run publication. When I’m not in the Pub Lab, I enjoy spending my time wandering between shelves of books in libraries or along the shore of Lake Michigan.

As an intuitive thinker working as an editor, I love reading and evaluating writing submissions in all three genres, and I’m also good at copy editing for content (in addition to grammatical quality) and finding publishing markets that fit my consultants. I’m detail-oriented, which lends well to managing my professional tasks like the editing and market searching I mentioned, in addition to updating social media, planning events, and interviews. Aside from my past and current experience as an associate editor, I’ve written for the Odyssey Online, Thought Catalog, Columbia’s “Best Of” review blog, the Pub Lab’s blog, and blogged here on my site.

In the future, I hope to work with more literary publications and continue to learn about editing and the publishing industry. Of course, my passion is in writing, specifically creative nonfiction. I believe the personal essay is one of the strongest ways to connect and share experiences with others. My goals are to continue to craft creative nonfiction essays, blog posts, and to someday write longer works, written in my clear, genuine voice. I relate impulsively honest experiences of adolescence, family, home, relationships, travel, and anything else that occurs to a twenty-year-old writing student attending an art school. I want to learn from my writing in the process of creating it, and my biggest goal is always for readers to feel like they can take something of value from my work.