Thank you for checking out my site! I’ll try to keep my intro short and sweet. I previously blogged on purpleoptimism.wordpress (which is coming down soon). I wanted to restart with a more consistent, professional-looking site to continue blogging and also display some of my other writing projects.

A little bit about me:

I am an undergrad at Columbia College, majoring in nonfiction and minoring in professional writing. Being a nonfiction major basically means that I like writing about myself a lot and that I think I’m funny – I promise I am sometimes. More than that, though, it really means that like any writer, and especially a nonfiction writer, I write about the world around me to make sense of it.

My posts won’t all be serious, nor will they all be silly – I’m hoping to find a good balance as I share things that are relevant to my daily life in hopes of connecting with those to whom they’re also relevant. Additionally, I will use old material to polish up and post as a once-a-month #flashbackfriday – hey, the trend works for pictures, why not words?

Aside from blogging, the other projects that I mentioned will most likely take the form of personal essays. To those that don’t know, that is what nonfiction majors spend hours and hours in writing workshops to create. I have a passion for this craft that delicately combines the internal and external, the showing and telling, of personal experience. Hopefully I can share some of the knowledge I’ve gained from some wonderful authors who have happened to moonlight as my teachers.

Thank you again for clicking, and thank you even more for reading, I truly appreciate it. Stay tuned!


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