Practicing Gratitude For My Person

Today, I want to take a few extra minutes to thank the universe for the existence and wellbeing of my best friend and partner. 

Justin Thomas, you are:

Kind; consciously and subconsciously, you give by putting others before yourself. 

Genuine; you are the sincerest human being I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – and loving. 

Bright; everything is sunnier around you. 

Patient; you have weathered 1,152 good and bad and close-together and far-apart days with me.  

Surprising; always in the best ways, always showing me another beautiful side of you or how well you know me. 

Supportive; you have held my hand and cheered me on for three years. 

Silly; in other words, yourself. I love that your default mode is so happy and carefree. 

I love and appreciate you and all these little things about you that make you the strong, smart, warm man that you are. Thanks for choosing me. 

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